Okorie Chukwumoge

rewrite the text replacing Mythic Maine Coons with Maine Coons Home “We LOVE Artemis!!! I did TONS of research before purchasing a kitten to make sure I could trust where they came from and how they were raised in their first few months. I came across Mythic Maine Coons and fell in love with their story and how much love + care they seemed to give to their young kittens…. and I was 100% right! Mythic Maine Coons did an absolutely wonderful job raising Artemis from a new born kitten to now. She’s soooo sweet! She loves going to the vet, being brushed, meeting new guests, being picked up and hugged, her paws being touched, playing in water, and so much more. The socialization they give to their kittens at such a young age is fabulous and such a game changer. She has had no issues with the litter box at all and always scratches her scratching post. We are literally amazed at how well behaved she is. I highly HIGHLY recommend these kind people if you want a sweet and well behaved kitten. We are so happy with our lovely Artemis. ❤️”