Derrick M. Fonseca

Nicole and Melody from Maine Coons Home were very responsive early on and throughout the process. They made sure we had everything we needed for our trip down from Nebraska to pick our kitten up. They sent us home with several things to make the transition to home smoother. Brontes (now Bear) did so well on the drive home. He snuggled and wanted to explore the car. He’s very curious! Bear is now 6 months old and there’s never a dull moment. He has lots of energy and everything is a toy. He loves water and doesn’t mind having his teeth brushed, ears cleaned, or nails trimmed. He’s snuggly at times but generally is on a mission to find his toys or play with his sister (another cat). He’s indifferent to our two Shiba Inus, but as he gets bigger, he’s more interested in them. We love his little waddle runs and his cute meows. At 5 months, he was already 10 pounds, so we’re excited to see how big he gets! He completes our family so well, and we’re so happy we got him from Maine Coons Home!