Coat Patterns of Maine Coons

Diverse Coat Patterns of Maine Coon Cats

Coat Patterns of Maine Coons cats are renowned for their majestic appearance and captivating personalities. One of the most intriguing aspects of these felines is their wide array of coat patterns, each with its unique charm. From classic tabby to torbies, let’s delve into the fascinating world of Maine Coon coat variations.

Coat Patterns of Maine Coons

1. Classic Tabby Pattern

Classic Tabby Maine Coons boast a striking swirl pattern on their bodies. The pattern markings are dense, well-defined, and broad, creating an exquisite visual appeal. Notable features include frown marks on the forehead forming an intricate letter “M,” swirls on the cheeks, and butterfly-shaped shoulder markings. Classic tabby Maine Coons are elegant and full of character.

Coat Patterns of Maine Coons

2. Mackerel Tabby Pattern

Mackerel Tabby Maine Coons showcase vertical stripes running from the spine line to the belly. The markings are dense, well-defined, and appear as narrow pencillings. With an “M” marking on the forehead and lines running down the head to the shoulders, mackerel tabby Maine Coons exude an aura of grace and agility.

3. Spotted/Ticked Tabby Pattern

The spotted/ticked tabby pattern features pronounced ticking on the body, with a darkening at the dorsal crest when viewed from above. The coat appears free from noticeable spots, stripes, or blotches. The face and legs show full tabby markings, while the lighter underside may also exhibit tabby markings. This unique pattern adds a touch of sophistication to these felines.

4. Solid

Maine Coons with the “dilute” genes have black coats that turn blue and red coats that become cream. The solid coat color offers a timeless elegance, making these cats stand out in their simplicity.

5. Calico/Tortie/Torbie

Calico, tortie, and torbie Maine Coons belong to the tricolor category. Calicos showcase four different color variations, while torties display solid black or gray patches mixed with red or cream for a mottled, speckled appearance. Torbies, on the other hand, combine the tortie pattern with a darker tabby pattern, giving them a brindle-like appearance.

Coat Patterns of Maine Coons

White Markings: Mitted, Bi-Color, and Van Patterns

Maine Coons with white markings come in different patterns, adding a touch of flair to their appearance.

  • Mitted Pattern: White markings are located on the paws, belly, chest, and chin.
  • Bi-Color Pattern: White extends further up the back legs and on the facial area.
  • Van Pattern: White dominates the cat’s fur, with colored patches usually found on the face and tail.

From the classic elegance of the tabby patterns to the captivating tricolor variations, Maine Coons continue to charm cat enthusiasts with their diverse and stunning coat patterns. Each pattern adds a unique touch to these gentle giants, making them beloved companions for cat lovers worldwide.


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Maine Coon Colors and Patterns: A Visual Guide

Maine Coons, known for their regal appearance and friendly nature, come in a stunning variety of 75 different color combinations, except for pointed patterns and colors. Understanding the various colors and patterns can help you appreciate the exquisite beauty of these majestic felines.

Solid Colors

Genetically, there are four basic solid colors for cats: black, chocolate, cinnamon, and red. Other solid colors are modifications of these. Red cats are a form of tabby, as it’s challenging to completely eliminate tabby markings.


A bi-color Maine Coon cat is one with white fur combined with fur of another color, such as black or tabby. Bi-color patterns range from Turkish Van (color on the head and tail only) to solid colors with a throat locket.

  • Black & White
  • Blue & White
  • Red & White
  • Cream & White


Parti-color Maine Coons are typically reserved for cats with small or no white markings. The most common parti-color pattern is tortoiseshell, while cats with significant white patches and tortoiseshell markings are referred to as tricolor, calico, or tortoiseshell-and-white.

  • Tortoiseshell
  • Blue-Cream

Smoke, Shaded, and Shell Colors

Smoke color Maine Coons are solid color cats that carry the inhibitor gene, which suppresses color in the hair shaft. Smoke, shaded, and shell colors vary in the percentage of colored hair ends.

  • Chinchilla Silver
  • Shaded Silver
  • Chinchilla Blue Silver

Smoke, Shaded, and Shell Colors with White

These variations combine the smoke, shaded, or shell colors with white markings.

  • Chinchilla Silver & White
  • Shaded Silver & White

Tabby Patterns

Tabby patterns, separate from the coat’s color, add a mesmerizing appeal to Maine Coons.

  • Brown Tabby
  • Silver Tabby
  • Red Tabby

Explore the Beauty

Maine Coons dazzle with their diverse colors and patterns. From the elegance of solid colors to the enchanting patterns of tabby, the visual appeal of these felines is undeniable. Whether you prefer a classic tabby or a bi-color beauty, Maine Coons offers a kaleidoscope of choices for every cat lover.


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